Passage Charter School is a public high school for pregnant and parenting teens in Montrose, Delta and Ouray counties.  Our mission is to provide a quality education that result in healthy, responsible and rewarding lives for young parents and their children.  PCS is the only charter school in Colorado that serves pregnant and parenting teens.  No program in our area comprehensively serves this at-risk population.  PCS is proactive in seeking out these students who so often leave school – and are then left behind.


In the late 1990s, citizens concerned with the growing number of teen pregnancies in Montrose and surrounding communities came together to find solutions.  These leaders understood that the teen pregnancy rate is inextricably linked to poor school performance, and both are related to living in poor families that are dysfunctional and often violent.  These visionaries sought a solution in creating an alternative school that included child care on-site and a flexible schedule that would allow pregnant and parenting teens to work part-time and still complete their education.  Thirteen years later, our mission is just as important.  PCS is making all the difference in the lives of low-income, at-risk youth – and in the lives of their children.  Our school is breaking the generational cycle of poverty, school failure and teen pregnancy with our alternative educational program.


PCS is so effective because we are not giving our students a handout, we are reshaping their lives.  We are teaching our students skills that help them break the cycle of poverty, abuse, school failure and teen pregnancy.  PCS trains our teens in parenting, in preventing substance abuse and in building healthy relationships.

Steering Committee Members

 Ted Barkley

Noelle Hagan

Rachel Deans Krute

Ray Lucero

Annie Lupp

Gary Taylor

Nancy Wilson